5 great toddler apps for when I’m a bad mommy

Don’t stick your child in front of a screen.

We’ve all heard this advice. And I don’t, I swear.

**We’re at the doctor’s office and I don’t want her playing with germ-ridden toys
**We’re in the car and she starts kicking my seat and trying to get us killed on the Belt Parkway
**I have to cook dinner and she grabs my legs and tries to block me from the stove, while also attempting to burn herself and the house down to the ground.

All I’m saying is my iPad becomes handy at times and here are some of the best apps I’ve found to keep toddlers temporarily amused and occupied:

1. Another Monster at the End of this Book, Starring Grover and Elmo — $3.99

An adorable interactive story featuring Elmo and Grover. I really love the way children can tap on the words as Grover or Elmo speak and the Sesame Street characters will repeat and even spell out words for them. And this app is magic, did I mention that? I was able to stop another child from having a tantrum in the dr’s office with this baby (true story).

2. Elmo Loves ABCs– $4.99

With Elmo’s guidance, toddlers can trace both capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet, as well as learn songs about letters.

3. Best Kids Songs Stories, by Samsung Publishing (you get three songs for free with this free app, then pay for the rest)

This is the silliest app on earth, but my K loves it. Popular songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” appear in animated music video format, complete with lyrics.

4. I Hear Ewe — Free

A tech spin on the classic animal wheel toy. This app got me through K’s infant months in one piece. I give additional points to this app because, in addition to featuring the usual animal suspects (cats, cows, and ducks), children–and parents–get to hear the sounds of a rhino, a helicopter, firetruck, and adorable bicycle bell.

5. Petting Zoo — $1.99

Interactive animations of over 20 animals. I should have ranked this number one because it’s the most amazing app I’ve ever seen. I watch it in private sometimes when K is asleep. A combination of art, creativity and interactivity. I’m not even going to try and explain–just watch:


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