Busy moms and the chicken broth grocery list

I can’t decide if I’m failing or winning at life when I do things like this:

1) Sleep in on a Sunday morning because K has decided to prove she is an angel sent from above by not stirring until 9:45 am.

2) Spend hours starting, pausing (to entertain or feed or clothe K), and finally completing an essay for class that is due the next day.

3) Hurriedly prepare lunch and then realize, as I stare dumbfounded into the half-empty refrigerator, that we have 10 half-empty jars of salsa and no food.

4) Strap K into carseat and jet off to grocery shop.

5) Realize once I get to grocery shop that I have absolutely no clue what I’m there to get.

6) Cleverly (?) remember that College Inn Chicken Broth cans and cartons feature half-decent recipes on their labels.

7) Grab 4 different brands of broth and proceed to buy up every ingredient the can dictates that I need in order to make enough dinners for the week.

Betty Draper wouldn’t approve.


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