Myth: Bottle warmers are a waste of money

Like hell they are.

Before I talk about how in love I am with my bottle warmer, let’s discuss what it’s like to pack for the first post-baby vacation. Never mind the fact that the trip doesn’t involve boarding passes, airplanes, or malaria shots – it doesn’t make it any less stressful or complicated.

This is what we packed for a simple three-day jaunt to Woodstock: five onesies, two pajamas, one Miracle Blanket swaddle, two baby towels, three washcloths, changing pads, four outfits, one baby hoodie, pack of diapers, pack of wipes, medicine bag containing newborn Tylenol, baby wash, thermometer, nasal aspirator, and hand wipes, Pack N Play, stroller, car seat, baby carrier, six Dr. Brown’s bottles, four containers of formula, and one bottle brush. What am I leaving out? Directions to the nearest hospital and my Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer.

Worth every penny…

Your friend who has three kids will definitely laugh at you for forking over $40 bucks for it and your breastfeeding friends will boast about how mother nature is their food warmer.

Well, screw them. You can take solace in the fact that you’ll laugh at all those moms who wind up having to dump whole bottle of prepared formula because they wrongly assumed baby was hungry when she was really just bored and/or trying to trick you. Or you can be a nice mom and suggest they get a bottle warmer of their very own.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer pros:

  • 6 oz bottle heats in about 4 mins (play with the heating times they suggest…I found their suggested times to be way too hot)
  • Simple to use
  • Can also be used to sterilize bottles and pacifiers
  • Bottles are incredibly hot when you first remove them…be sure to use a washcloth to handle them and let them cool off for a minute or two before feeding
  • Some formula gets trapped in the warmer and will produce that nasty old-formula smell if you don’t clean it every few days
  • Not sure if the warmer will accommodate all bottle brands, as I use Dr. Brown’s bottles as well…so this one could be a pro or con

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